FitFlop Launch E-Commerce Platform

Published: 01st November 2010
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The popular footwear retailer FitFlop have just launched a direct to customer website, thereby creating a new distribution channel through an e-commerce site. Specializing in creating footwear which provides the wearer with added fitness benefits and targeting the wellness and health market, FitFlop hope this new channel will bring in more customers.

FitFlop are confident that their products will sell well online but need to choose a great platform to sell the shoes through. In order to ensure that there online site was a success, they chose the reputable e-commerce management system provided by Venda.

Laura Ashley, JVC, Tesco and TK Maxx are just some of the brands that already operate using a Venda provided platform. FitFlop are another major retailer to add to the list of companies which Venda hopes to provide a secure and scalable website too. Venda have created a vast network of e-commerce companies and specialists, this "community of interest" network is argued to be the largest of its kind in the world. FitFlop can therefore be confident that Venda can provided a suitable platform for their jump to direct customer sales. However, reservations could be held as when compared to larger clients such as Tesco, FitFlop may take a back seat in Venda’s priorities.

FitFlop’s products which consist of a large range of sandals, shoes and boots are biomechanically engineered to provided the wear with a "workout whilst they walk". With this concept being new to the market, FitFlop have to had to rely on a lot of customer reviews and editorials to ensure consumers have faith in their products. Despite South Bank University’s study showing that the footwear increase muscle activity whilst walking, several customers are still skeptical about the idea behind the shoes. Therefore, FitFlop are hoping to gain a lot of social media coverage of the site. It is thought that an increased volume of conversation on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, discussing the successes of wearing these shoes will increase customer confidence. Venda have had great successes with social media integration in the past on the new FitFlop site will be no different.

Venda are also planning on utilizing Venda Flash Merchandising to provide users with an engaging and interactive site. Once again it is hoped that these features will encourage customer confidence, engagement and consequently lead to higher sales. FitFlop have promised to still support those third party suppliers who operate online.

In conclusion, it seems that FitFlop have made the right choice in selecting Venda as their ecommerce platform manager. The site will hopefully provide users with a great experience and secure payment options which will lead to higher sales for the toning shoe manufacturer.

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